There are several scenarios in which our Home Inspections can prove valuable.

New home buyers will benefit from pre-delivery or anniversary inspections by our professional Home Inspector to ensure maximum benefit from your TARION Warranty.

Buyers of re-sale homes, through our Pre-Purchase Inspection, can identify any issues that might present problems and the financial implications before closing a sale.

Homeowners will benefit from information provided by a Maintenance Inspection or a Pre-Listing Inspection.

In all cases, the Home Inspection Report becomes a useful guide for home maintenance and repair over the long term.

For best results, Home Inspections should be conducted during daylight hours. A typical inspection takes 2-3 hours. The inspection includes a visual assessment of the condition of hundreds of house components. Examples are listed in the INSPECTION OVERVIEW.

The report is written immediately so that it is available within 24 hours.

Renovations and Remodeling.

Buying a new home is not the same as buying a re-sale home...

Eventually your buyers are going to conduct an inspection. Know what they will find...

When shopping for a new home, having a professional Home Inspection performed is VERY IMPORTANT!...

Tough market for purchasers? Involve our Home Inspector before placing your offer...

Let's get your home ready to list.